About Us
Along the way we have homed in on exactly the sort of school we wanted to be and that centred around providing an exceptional and unique experience to students and brilliant service to parents and partners.
Samiad was founded with an aim to change the level of quality at UK summer schools
In 2019 we delivered our biggest and most diverse summer programmes yet, with over 1300 students from 58 different countries.
Over 18 months we rebranded the online school to become Tudor School, which is now home to more than 50 teachers, and delivers over 2500 lessons a month to students from all over the world.

We have our own specifically designed curriculums for both juniors and teens to support ESL students from their very first taste of the English language, right through to taking Cambridge exams.

We have also launched new primary school subjects in maths and science. Because of our unique approach to service and our wonderfully friendly teachers we have grown to become one of the largest UK based language schools.
We had now grown from 1 campus and 75 students a summer to 4 campuses, and over 1000 students a summer. We had maintained our ethos for providing an exceptional unique experience for our students and great service to parents and partners.
Along the way we had also been a global finalist at the ST star awards in the Junior course of the year category.
→ Extravagant activities
→ Exceptional staff
→ Unique trips
→ Great locations
We focused on four areas that we felt other summer schools were not providing enough value:
In partnership with Educate Online we launched our online school with a handful of students. We have taken our vision of providing an exceptional experience and great customer service into our online teaching.