What is included in free taster lesson?
The free Tudor School Online 40-minute session is designed to assess the needs of your child in a friendly and comforting way. Once our teachers have reviewed the results, the teacher will talk with you directly to discuss the next steps on your child’s journey.
Is there a test to get into the school?
There are no entrance exams to join Tudor School Online. We are a non-selective school, so everyone is welcome.
What is the difference between learning in a classroom and Tudor School Online?
Like learning in classroom, Tudor School Online focuses on guiding students though the British Curriculum. The difference is how students build their confidence through independent learning and more concise, focused feedback.
Does Tudor School Online follow a particular curriculum?
Tudor School Online focuses on the British Curriculum. Whether you are in the UK or based overseas, our teachers have vast experience in delivering all subject matter in a way that will directly support your child’s learning in the classroom. Our curriculums and materials are designed specifically for Tudor School by experienced and qualified UK teachers.
Is homework included with Tudor School Online packages?
Yes. At Tudor School Online, we feel that homework is an extremely important aspect of the overall learning experience. Homework not only encourages students to take responsibility for completing a task but is vital in adding to what students have learnt during their class.

Homework also allows parents to monitor their child's progress and play a more active role in their education outside of their lessons.
Does Tutor School Online have any age restrictions?
At the moment, our teachers are focused on helping students aged 4-18. Although we usually have an age limit 14, if any students have booked on longer packages we will look at continuing tuition past this. Please contact info@tudorschool.com for any individual requests.
What length of package should I choose?
All students will need varying levels of support and will progress in unique ways. Following the initial assessment, our team will give a best estimation of timescales to bridge any gaps in knowledge. As with traditional classroom-based schooling, consistency is key to steady progress.